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September/October 1998

Building a Sustainable Future - David Eisenberg's Overview

Toward Less Waste and Pollution by Design by Dennis Weaver

Adobe: A Present from the Past by Paul McHenry, Jr., Architect, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Adobe: A Code Official's Perspective by Raymond Quintana, AIA, Chief Building Official, County of Bernalillo, New Mexico

Earth Architecture and Ceramics: The Sandbag / Superadobe / Superblock Construction System by Nader Khalili, Cal-Earth Institute, Hesperia, California and Phill Vittore, Structural Engineering Consultant, Arlington Heights, Illinois

Sandbag / Superadobe / Superblock: A Code Official Perspective by Tom Harp, Building Officer/Planning Director, and John Regner, Senior Plans Examiner, Hesperia, California

Straw-bale Construction by Bruce King, P.E., Civil Engineer, Sausalito, California

Straw-bale Construction: A Building Official's Perspective by Leroy A. Sayre, C.B.O., Retired Building Official

Rammed Earth: Developing New Guidelines for an Old Material by Joe M. Tibbets, Editor Inter-Americas Adobe Builder magazine

Rammed Earth: A Code Official Perspective by Tommy Garcia, Head Building Official, Doņa Ana County Community Development Department, Las Cruces, New Mexico

Pozzolans Unpuzzled: As Mineral Admixtures, Fly Ash and Other Waste Products Add Strength and Durability to Concrete by Bruce King, P.E., Civil Engineer, Sausalito, California

January/February 2000

An Alternative Future for Building Regulation interview with David Eisenberg and Bob Fowler

Earthship Building: An Ecocentric Method of Construction by Jack Ehrhardt, co-founder of CERBAT, the Center for Environmentally Responsible Building AlTernatives

Building With Bamboo by Darrel DeBoer, Architect, DeBoer Architects

Cob Construction by Michael G. Smith

Cob and the Building Code by John Fordice

Cast Earth: A Revolutionary Building Concept by Michael Frerking, Architect, Living Systems

Lunar and Terrestrial Sustainable Building Technology in the New Millennium interview with Architect Nader Khalili

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Building Standards is the official publication of the International Conference of Building Officials (ICBO), distributed to over 2700 building code departments in the country. Two issues have featured a suite of articles on alternative construction materials and systems contributed to and coordinated by David Eisenberg.