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I brought back the reviews of Raul Reynoso's CD "Royal Street", because I just listened to it again -- and I Love It! His band, The Rhythm Brothers, are working all over ... don't miss them!

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UPDATE Thursday, February 17, 2005


The Marley's Ghost Website lives at

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Thank you,
Mike Phelan
Marley's Ghost

It was an eventful Fall 2003. We played The Fillmore Nov 9 with the Dead's Mickey Hart on drums. The crowd were swinging and swaying and a great time was had by all -- including me, I must say... We will joined the Dead, Jackson Browne and others for a few cameo appearances at Seva's Silver Anniversary Concert at the Berkeley Community Theater on Dec. 13. Wavy Gravy told us about SEVA, which, among other activities, helps reduce avoidable blindness in the so-called third world.
Wavy was at our Freight gig on Saturday. "Hey Wavy, how are you?" I asked. "Superb" he replied with a smile.

• We are still figuring out schedules with the incredibly busy Van Dyke Parks so that he can produce our next CD, starting March 30 in L.A.The initial sessions to discover material were productive so we are, dare I say it, stoked.
• --BULLETIN -- This Just In --
A flood at the Sage Studio, while not catastrophic, has pushed the Sage recording dates back to June. A lot of water and mud came in... the equipment wasn't damaged, but a lot of wallboard and flooring will need to be replaced ... not good, but not nearly as bad as it might have been...

• We played WinterGrass in Tacoma WA in February and boy was it fun. Seldom Scene, Hot Rize Reunion, Darrell Scott with Nick Forster and John Cowan... big fun and well run.

• I loved having the Ghost's MP3s available from this page, but politically as well as practically -- it has become problematical to the point that I have just had to stop. I know you liked it -- I liked it too -- but now, and for the forseeable future -- it is over.

• You may have noticed that I removed a few of the buttons at left -- I was asked by Sage Arts to stop selling Marley's Ghost CDs, so the only ones I currently offer are my Donora Street CD and Raul Reynoso's Royal Street CD. I guess your CD has to have 'street' in the name for me to sell it here...

• I have plenty of news, to be sure, but this page is a labor of love..."and you know love, it don't pay my bills – I need mo-huh-huh-ney..." and time spent on it is time away from my work and play, soooo I haven't been posting as much while I attempt to pay attention to the bottom line. I still love each and every one of you and I will begin to post gigs and such as time and space permit.

and hey, don't forget -- if you should chance to encounter us out somewhere in the world, don't be shy -- just walk right up and say "Hey guys, Can I buy you lunch!?"
Cheers and Ciao!

A nice review from Victory Music Review
"With Live At The Freight, Marley's Ghost achieves the seemingly impossible. If you think a reach of reggae, bluegrass, gospel, folk country, Cajun, and Scottish bagpipes tunes is a bit much, you'd be wrong. Here, it's perfect. Marley's "Stir It Up" and "One Love" are at home with Tim O'Brien's "Late In The Day," Dylan's "Leopard Skin Pillbox Hat," Shel Silverstein's loopy "She'd Rather Be Homeless," and Van Morrison's "And It Stoned Me." Not just any band could make this work. My advice on Live At The Freight is simple: get a copy. During the last two months I've listened to more than a hundred new recordings. This may be the best. A guaranteed delight." - Richard Dorsett, Victory Music Review- December 2001

A review of the Fabulous Mike Phelan CD from Tom Clancy of the Irish Herald
Mike Phelan
Donora Street

Donora Street Music CB99001

Donora Street is a sweetly crafted, engaging album from local singer-songwriter Mike Phelan. Phelan plays mostly with Marley's Ghost, a party band for the musically-minded who have been playing together for over 15 years. Their 2001 album Live At The Freight is a splendid introduction to their diverse musical passions. The four band members have never seen a genre they could not embrace: reggae, American roots, bluegrass, blues, folk, traditional, gospel and country. Their musical reach makes the term eclectic seem hopelessly inadequate.

Phelan and the band made a pilgrimage back to their Irish and Scottish roots last year and some of those melodic influences can be heard on his new solo album. The title track is a deliciously simple song that quickly pulls you into its orbit.

God Help A Sailor is a big weepy ballad, a song that Van Morrison would be proud to call his own. Thick Soled Shoes is a kind of a wry lament from a man who lacks those Michael Flatley shoes to skip through life. The King is a touching tribute to the late, great Elvis Presley: "If he'd lived a little slower.../ We'd be lovin' that boy yet."

Ellen & Roy is an intricate, smartly Simon-esque song with more percussion than you can shake a stick at and guitar parts to beat the band. Your Town and Maybe She Will get a bright and brassy big band treatment. The first has a killer honky-tonk piano piece from Dave Lebolt and Alex Murzyn plays a fine sax solo on the latter. Food Chain Of Love comes with a funky guitar and brass setting, a humorous metaphor for a disintegrating relationship

The album closes with a five-song solo acoustic set. Phelan has a rich resonant tenor which he uses to great effect on Gonna Rise Again, Should I Be Singing The Blues and the Freddie Powers song I Always Get Lucky With You. Phelan wrote 11 of the 13 songs, including If You Love Someone, a modern Buddy Holly-ish song. This album is one of those treasures which may be completely overlooked by the music "industry" but that's no reason not to rush out and get it for yourself.

Donora Street is available at
--Tom Clancy
The Irish Herald

  • I've just finished some fabulous Mike Phelan solo concerts and I'm eager to play more of them. House concerts are among my most favorite venues to listen or play because in that intimate atmosphere all sorts of good things can happen. It takes a rare venue (like the Freight & Salvage) to allow that sort of interchange with the audience on a larger scale -- for some reason it is just hard to scale up.
    At any rate we had fun, discerning folks bought the Fabulous Mike Phelan CD and a great time was had by all. If you know a place I should be playing solo, please drop me a line!

    – oh yeah – did I mention that MY CD IS AVAILABLE NOW?!?
  • I put up the cover and back cover art, liner notes and lyrics for my new solo CD at mikephelan/ Check it out!
    The title is "Donora Street" subtitled"Mike Phelan".
  • PLEASE NOTE: My email about Ghost news has been returned by many of you, because my ISP is on some kind of list.

    If you wish to receive email from me, ask your friendly ISP to pass mail from or is a *huge* ISP, and doubtless spam does emanate from some of its countless pores -- but -- I regret that I must, in good concience, remove you from the list if your mail is returned as undeliverable.
    If you signed up to be notified of Marley's Ghost events and aren't receiving my mail, I apologize, but there isn't anything I can do from my end to rectify the situation...

    We have been gratified by your response to the signup below on the website -- Thanks!
    If you thought you were on the list to be notified about gigs , or want to be on the list, please send me mail at saying you'd like to know when the Ghost are out and about and I will add you to the list and confirm your signup via email. If you don't receive confirmation, it may well be that your ISP rejects mail from my ISP. I regret that I cannot do anything productive to remedy such refusal of email, but try anyway!
    Thanks in advance for your patience,

    I split the Lyrics Page up into six pages, one page for each CD. They load a lot faster than the big, honking single page (which is still available here). Included on each page are selected MP3 files you may download for your listening enjoyment! Each MP3 is a complete song
    I'd love to hear your feedback...

    We particularly appreciate all the folks who bought CDs, and those who came up and shared their appreciation, experiences and their music with us.
    Thank you.
    It means a lot to us.

    I'm still sad about the passing in Dublin of my favorite author, Patrick O'Brian. --a page with two obits from The Irish Times, realaudio NPR interview with Patrick O'Brian

    Check out the Guitar Chord Calculator at Left
    The darn thing works!

    While cleaning off my desk (Yikes!), I found a note Dan wrote a while back to go with our 6th CD, "Across The River". With all its historical relevance intact, here it is:

    In 1986 I was invited by my old friend, Ed Littlefield Jr., to work in his studio in Arlington, Washington on a"solo album". It was a cold and rainy October in the Northwest when Jon and Mike came up from California to help out on some songs. The three of us had been working together since March of that year (St. Paddy's day) and had played the first Strawberry Spring Music Festival at Camp Mather, CA over Memorial Day weekend.

    While working on my project we started recording the tracks for our first album, "Haunting Melodies". Ed offered to play steel guitar and that was that... The common ground we shared musically, and the willingness to try any new genre gave us an outlet of expression, a vehicle for exploration. Six albums and twice as many years later we are still exploring.

    The history of any band is rocky in places and this one is no exception, but it has remained the music and the joy we share playing it that keeps us together.

    Music visits as an unseen guest, a fifth member of the band. It lifts our hearts and fills us up. Thank you for bringing us into your hearts and your homes -- our wish is that some of it spills out on you.

    Jah Bless,
    July 24th, 1998
    at the river

  • While rummaging around in the archives, I found the first Marley's Ghost Homepage ( that's what we called them in 1994...) Take a look!
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    has released "Song Traveler", his second solo CD.
    ...and tours to support it, often with Phil Salazar and the multi-talented Billy Flores ...The project features some of Jon's originals along with some of his favorites and incorporates the talents of a bunch of his pals including Van Dyke Parks.
    Intrigued? Write Jon email at or give him a call at 805-969-6465 and ask him to send you several copies.
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